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First, we listen. Then we coach and guide you toward identifying the right opportunities based on your long term career objectives. 

 “… was able to provide a very detailed description of the position and the people I would be working with on a daily basis. He edited my resume and conducted situational interviews to prepare me for every step. He always went the extra step that many of his peers in the industry simply did not do. As a result, I was placed within two weeks of contacting him.”                  
Manager of Sales Finance, Publicly Held Manufacturing Corporation

 “… was looking out for what was most beneficial for me, and made sure I was a great fit for the organization and for myself. I have been to several recruiters in the Charlotte area, and I trust him to look out for my best interest.”
Lead Financial Planning Analyst, Fortune 250 Energy Corporation


In a world where information is readily available through various sources with the click of your mouse, understanding how to determine which data sources are relevant, accurate and current makes a job search a daunting task! This is where Fairview Search Group can save you time, bring clarity, and surface key facts about potential employers that can only be earned by years of open and trusting dialogue with those who work at the local companies. We maintain high integrity and accountability internally to ensure discussions with job seekers and our clients are all based in fact, resulting in a very high rate of repeat business and referrals.

Confidentiality is critical in today’s information age. Fairview Search Group maintains the utmost level of confidentiality in our relationship with job seekers and hiring managers. Open discussion about the merit of an opportunity and addressing your questions up front before any resumes or interviews are established is standard practice here at Fairview Search Group.

Our success is based on identifying the right opportunities for you as a candidate based on your goals as identified in our internal interview. We will coach and guide you through the process of compiling and updating your resume and preparing for interviews. We will provoke you to think about and evaluate opportunities, and we will provide clear and unbiased advice. This advice is not always to accept an offer but sometimes to stay where you are and grow your career within your present firm.